Billeo Bill Pay Assistant, Password Assistant, and Shopping Assistant Service

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Billeo is venture capital funded company. It is not known how many users that they have on their service.

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Overview of Billeo

Billeo is a consolidation site for keeping track of bills that you pay on the web at biller websites.  The built-in shopping assistant lets you save digital snapshots of check-out confirmation web pages at e-commerce sites.  Billeo also provides a password management system, which allows you to enter and save username and passwords of frequently visited web sites into a Billeo browser toolbar.

Cost of Billeo

Billeo is a free service.

Enrollment at Billeo

Enrollment involves downloading a small executable, and installing a toolbar extension on your web browser.  In my case, I had some applications open in my browser when I attempted to install Billeo, and the installation required that I shut down my browser while the install was taking place.  Unfortunately, I had some pages open on my browser that I did not want to lose, and there was no way for me to easily cancel out of the Billeo installation process.  I had to invoke the Windows task manager to kill the installation to prevent losing my browser pages.

Billeo asks for very basic user data during installation.  After you have enrolled and the browser extension is installed, you are led through a new user setup process to set up parameters for the three capabilities that Billeo offers.

  1. Password Assistant
  2. Shopping Assistant (includes password assistant)
  3. Bill Pay Assistant  (includes password and shopping assistant)

I chose bill pay assistant, and was presented with a selection of billers that I can pay, based upon my zip code.  I selected several from the list, and added one (entirely phoney) biller of my own to see what would happen.  As I build my list, the billers that I'm adding are now also showing up on my Billeo browser extension.

Adding Payees at Billeo 

As noted above, you begin adding billers at enrollment.  After adding payees, you are guided through a series of screens designed to let you setup an online wallet, along with any website passwords that you want Billeo to store and remember for you.  When finished, you are presented with a dashboard page.  The dashboard page displays any bill reminders that you have setup, how many bills you have paid, the number of shopping purchases enabled through Billeo, and a few other pieces of information.

In my case, I created a bill-due reminder for the biller that I made up.  Back on the dashboard it shows that I have a payment due within the next 48 hours.  There is nothing difficult about setting up payees, but there does not seem to be much built-in system intelligence behind the setup process either, since all Billeo seems to have for payees on their biller list are URL links back to the biller websites.

Making a Payment at Billeo

On the dashboard, I selected American Express to pay.  I am then linked over to the American Express website login page.  After I login, a Billeo screen appears asking me if I want to save my Amex password in my Billeo wallet.  I decline to do so.  At this point, I go through the normal process of paying my biller at the Amex biller direct website, using whatever payment options available to me there.  After I reach the Amex payment confirmation screen, I can select a "save and file" option from the Billeo toolbar.  This feature takes a snapshot of whatever webpage that I'm on at that moment, and prompts me to fill in some payment related information (payment amount, payment date, etc).  This snapshot of my biller confirmation page is saved back on the Billeo dashboard page for historical reference.

All in all, this just feels like a lot of hoops to have to jump through to do all of this via Billeo.  It seems easier to me just to save my American Express site as a bookmark and go there on my own.  I'll admit that the value of having this all under the Billeo umbrella is a bit lost on me. 

Payment History at Billeo

Transaction history consists of the data that you entered when you asked Billeo to take a digital snapshot of your biller website confirmation page.  You can also enter payment reminder data at anytime without having to capture a webpage during the process.  All of this data that you previously entered can be viewed from the My Bills/Payments tab of the Billeo Bill Pay Assistant web application.

You can edit and delete your history from this page as well.

Other Features at Billeo

There did not seem to be any customer care associated with the service, but then again, I'm not really sure why you would need to contact Billeo.  Their service does not really seem to be integrated in any meaningful way with their list of billers.  You'd never contact them with any questions about payments that you made to billers through this service.  So, customer support would only really be needed if the browser toolbar was not working, or if their website was support kinds of things. 

A Shopping assistant is available to pre-fill shipping address and other personal information on e-commerce merchant websites.  Seems sort of odd to me as it is not a feature that I'm particularly expecting (or frankly...really wanting) from my bill payment application provider.

Summary of Billeo

Billeo is a service that I don't really get.  Much of the capability that they are offering is around storing off passwords and providing you a consolidated place to enter information about bills that you may have paid out on the web.  While some of this may have been interesting several years ago when Billeo first launched, today I am able to do many of these same kinds of things from within my browser itself, or by using a browser toolbar that provides more day to day value to me (Google toolbar, for example).  In fact, I found the Billeo toolbar extension to be a bit of an irritant in that every time I entered a username/password on a web page, Billeo would launch a dialog box and ask me if I wanted to save the password.

For my everyday bill paying needs, this is not a service that I would choose to use.


If you have used Billeo, please share your comments with others in our Billeo user review section

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