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American Express Bill Pay


American Express is one of the most well known financial services companies in the world.

Service Name

American Express Bill Pay

Overview of American Express Bill Pay

American Express bill pay utilizes what is called bill scraping to facilitate the process of presenting your e-bill and paying your bills.  For more information on how bill scraping works, visit our e-bill overview pages.   All bill payments are charged to your American Express card, which may be desirable for card holders who pay their balance in full each month and are motivated by the potential to collect reward points for card usage.  This service may not be as appealing to those card holders who tend to carry an outstanding account balance and who accrue high interest charges against that balance.

Cost for using American Express Bill Pay

American Express Bill Pay is free.

Adding Payees at American Express Bill Pay 

Participating Payees are grouped by categories such as Wireless Service, Telephone, Cable and Satellite, Internet Service Provider, and Insurance.  You select the billers that you want to add and accept the necessary terms and conditions.  If you already have a username and password enabled at the participating biller site, American Express presents you with a form to collect that information from you, which they will then use to access the biller site on your behalf.  If you don't have these login credentials established for the desired biller yet, American Express will offer to faciliate the process of setting that up with the biller.

Payment History at American Express Bill Pay

You can view all of the payments to the payees you've added. If you chose to enroll in automatic payments for one of your payees, you can also view your enrollment request on this page.  Status codes such as Paid, Failed, Cancelled, and Cleared are associated with each payment.

A bill calendar is included in the service which shows both upcoming bills due, and bills paid in the month, and shows dollar total amounts for both. 

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